01 November 2008

Voting as a Soldier this year

So...I am a soldier. I am in the infantry. I love my job. And in your job weather it be in sales....admin....wherever, you want your boss to have "been there". So he or she knows what you are going through and can give you counsel, and in some cases empathize with what is going on.

So that brings us to tuesday. Election day. This blog has been quiet in general, but, there is a video on you tube by a soldier that tells EXACTYLY how I feel about "super Tuesday". And to put my spin on election day.....

It is simple for me. This time next year I will be in Iraq. And if Mccain is in office I feel that with his EXPERIENCE in the military, and in life, I will be safer. With Obama...I will not be as safe. He concedes too much to make people happy...I feel.

So...if you want me to be safe...Vote for Mccain! (Eheheheh) No seriously, vote for who you wish...you who feel would lead you better. But, if you wonder why a soldier is voting the way he is...that is why...and the video below also give some insight.

11 September 2008

Yes, it really was the day that changed everything

7 years ago I woke up to go to work like any other morning. I remember my alarm going off at around 8..maybe a little before. It was on a country music station...but they were not playing Chesney...or Keith. It was a news brief....

I hit snooze.

Then it went off again. And I wondered what was going on. I went upstairs and turned the TV in my moms room on. I could not believe the pictures that I was seeing. I called my new fiance (Tiffany) and she was watching the same thing. We sat there talking about the ONE tower that had been hit. Then the other was hit. We were shocked. She went to school later that day...I went to work. But not before I watched 2000+ people die on TV. I audibly yelled NO when the towers fell. I knew that life would never be the same.

At the sprint store that day we played the news all day. We did not do much. Some people came it...and they were glued to the TV. Some wept right there in the store. I think that was how people were on the day pearl harbor was attacked.

That was the day that I feel the Lord put me on the path that leads me to where my family is today. I raised my right hand and enlisted in the Army infantry almost 5 years to the day later. I joined because I know that I have what it takes to lead men and bring them home. I feel that God has given me that gift. I needed to serve. To try to make a difference.

So here we are...almost 2 years later....and we feel that we have never been more in a right place than we are right now.

I dont know if I will jump into this fight yet...we will know soon. I do know that I am ready. I thank all of your for your support of me and my family during this time...and we appreciate all of your continuing prayers.


12 August 2008

Learned this in arabic....

So, Hassam is one of my teachers in Arabic. He is from Iraq, and used to work with the Army over there as a translator. Before the war he was a human rights activist and had at least 6 attempts on his life. He told us something in class I NEVER knew.

2 months before the war...Saddam knew we were going to come in. Just knew it. So...he let ALL of the prisoners out of jail. All of them(150,000). Murderers, thieves, you name it...they went back on the streets. And wouldn't you know it....all of the buildings that housed the records for said criminals were destroyed by "looting" during the early days of the war.


Hassam was also saying that before, if you killed someone, or stole a car etc, that the local militias would deal with you in the manner they sought fit. But...with so many of those militias now fighting americans....and other sects...those that LOVED commiting those acts had someplace to go. Becuase there...they could kill, steal, etc...but this time it was in the name of God. So that made it ok.

Did any of you hear about that on the news? I don't remember it. I bet we were not counting on those extra 150,000 running loose on the streets when we went in. If we were...I think the timetable would have looked a bit differently.

Can't wait to do with C....

So...the other day I was doing something with Coop...and I had a thought. Man...I can't wait till he is old enough to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes...I know...its weird. But, just to hear him ask questions...see the look in his eye as Aragorn takes up his sword and his rightful place. The wonder that is involved.

But, thats not all. I also want to see the look in his eyes when he catches his first fish on his own. Or hits a baseball into the outfield. Throws a spiral. Makes a basket.

Do you all know what I mean? I know that my parents read this from time to time...and they may remember some of that stuff with us kids. (And if they dont thats ok) So...here is a list (some silly of course) of what I am looking forward seeing him do... (and I will just stick with C now...I will write about the other kiddo when he/she comes to see us)
-Driving a car
-hitting a golf ball (uncle chub will help with this one)
-first date
-a sunrise
-getting a good grade in school
-looking at his wife
-looking at his child
-graduating college
-reading to us
-riding a bike
-pulling a 720 front-side flair tail whip on said bike in the X-games (lol....that would be sweet though)
-getting his first puppy
-learning to tie his shoes.....

So there are a few things...what about your son or daughter? What are some things that you look forward to??

08 August 2008

Arabic- Doughnuts- T-shirts

Week one is done! UGH! Yep, I have finished my first week of Arabic language training. Yes, that sounds VERY military, but, that's what they call it. On the outside...it is a university level Arabic class, that when we are done at the end of 10 months, we will know more and be more fluent than that of a student taking 2 years at a university. Wow...we'll see.

It is H A R D ! Not easy. We have been taught the alphabet this week. Notice I said taught...not "we learned." I still am not super comfortable with the whole thing yet. I am better than on Monday, but...its rough.

So...just to let you know what I am dealing with. Arabic has 28 letters in the alphabet. They can EACH be written 4 different ways depending on where they are in a word. AND depending on what "modifying" character they have over the top...they can have 4 different sounds too!!!! HA! (it makes you want to suck start a shotgun)

Yea...so we have a limited vocabulary right now....they taught us about 20 words/phrases. Yep....I said taught.

We have 10 months of this. They will be going super in depth on the language, culture and HOW to translate. The nice part is they are really gearing all of this to how it will co-inside with Army operations. And as a "shooter", it is very imperative to my job to be able to communicate the the locals. In the end...it could save lives, mine, my buddies, or guys in another unit that I don't even know about. That part is pretty cool. And when you put that kind of spin on it, it makes studying a little easier.

So...it has been rough, but there are some up sides to this whole thing.
A-off every day at 4:30
B-NO FIELD PROBLEMS FOR THE NEXT 10 MONTHS! Nope...I will NEVER be away from the fam doing Army stuff for the next 10 months.
C-Will be home for sure for the next baby!
D-off every day at 4:30

So..there ya go for my update....on army stuff...

Coop woke Tiff and I up this morning. He came in and said he needed to go potty. When he was done he comes in and says "Hi daddy! Are you awake?" Yes I am bud. "How did you sweep?" Like a rock man! "Cool.....I swept wike a doughnut!" LOL...so stinking funny!!

Tiff is doing well with the new kiddo. At the awkward none of my cloths fit stage...but....shes hot.(not like temperature hot)

I love t-shirts....I found a site that is awesome...check this out.

24 June 2008

Back from Yak

I am back from 2 weeks at Yakima. It felt like I was gone for longer than that with OPNET (our stryker school) being the 3 weeks prior to that. Long nights at OPNET then BAM! Off to Yakistan. It was pretty crazy.

This Yakima trip was much different than the other 3 I have been on-
A-We have our strykers
B-It was NOT 10 degrees out
C-See A&B

The trip itself was actually fun. We were all really dirty from all the dust the strykers kicked up (from this point forward I am going to call them trucks), no shower...most of the time there. And the chow was sub par...again most of the time.

Mission wise...it was cool. We did an Ambush on some AQI (Al Quieda in Iraq) forces...with some intel we got from them we did a raid on a small town. -THAT was fun. We hit the town at about 0430 (AM) and we used blanks and had some OPFOR (bad guys) Shooting back at us. We had our MILES (Lazer tag like stuff) on...so it made it KINDA realistic. I was second dude through a doorway upstairs. Well...I saw the machine gunner first, lit up my tac light to blind him, which it did and he froze just long enough for me to get e few rounds headed his direction. BUT, with one squeeze of his trigger he sent about 10 "friends" my direction. Bummer. So we both sat down...beeping. It was funny when my squad leader and team leader had to get me out to the MEV (the medical truck) They had dudes pulling security...laying down cover fire...it was all pretty cool. And they did not realize how heavy I was. hehehe.....not fat...just big.

The next thing we did was a few days later. We did a company live fire. We attacked another compound. But this time we set a breaching charge on the door. THAT WAS AWESOME! It made a big ole' boom! It was fun stuff. Especially at night. By the way....we woke up that morning at 5....and we finished that mission at 0430 the NEXT day! ugh....it was a bummer.

The next day we had a company mission. It was kinda lame....although we did get to use a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Yea...they said the UAV saw only 2 in the compound. Whatever....I led a team in....guess the other SEVEN where hiding. We did well. My squad leader made me a team leader for this mission, as well as another specialist, Luker. He said we rocked...even though the mission did not go as planned (none of them do) we did well. So that was cool.

One of the coolest things that happened while we were there was AHA guard. (Ammo handling area) There were 6 of us that got selected to go...it meant alot of sleep, a shower, and a trip to the shoppette for some real food! The coolest thing was that there was a "Long Tabber" there. (SF Green Beret) Yea...on guard with us! They pull that some duty too! It was pretty funny. we never thought they did any of that. Guess they do. So we got to talk alot with this guy. Really laid back, typical SF guy. Quiet, calm, chill, but you can tell he can kick....well...you know.

So I am home now...and am going to back to work tomorrow. But I will be there for 3 days then another weekend. So that's cool. And, 2 of my favorite people are coming out here a week from today!!!!

STUD Driver

Coming back from the Company mission


1st Squad, 3rd Platoon-The Dirty Pirates

Stryker drag race!

07 June 2008

About a year ago, Tiff and I decided that we wanted to add another to the Nevil ranks. Well, we have not been all that successful, lets face it, you either are, or aren't. I have to say, it has been REALLY disappointing. With cooper...we just, found out. There was no "trying"...he just surprised us. But, now I know what its like to try...and it not work out the way you want. It can be such a heart breaking process!

We have been praying for God to give us another child. And we have learned alot about timing in the last 2 years. But it was just not happening. (I was beginning to think that the gas chamber during basic broke me!!! I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE GONE IN THERE!)

So...I get a picture mail the other day from Tiff while I was getting our stryker ready to go. A picture of a pregnancy test and the tag:Tee Hee Hee. It was2 lines, positive!!! I just started laughing....kinda teary laugh, but a joyous laugh none the less!

I am on cloud nine right now. We don't know why God waited till now, but we know that this is when he wanted us to go down this road. So..we are relying on Him every step, and can't wait to see what this new little one has in store for us!

16 May 2008

I know...I am awful at this. I knew I would be. But...Tiff does alot on her blog...so sometimes I just feel too much info would be overkill. So...I let her put it out. But, I have been too lazy and need to post here.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. It was a much better experience than I thought it would be. I was really..REALLY nervous about going under all the way. But...man...what a way to fly!!! It was cool. Everything in the surgurey went well. They did get into my sinus cavity a bit...but that is not a big deal. Right now I am swollen a bit...and am on some SA-WEET meds!

***Note*** When leaving the hospital and are still a little doped up....that is the ONLY time it makes hugging your nurse ok.

So...I am now enjoying the weather here...and a few days off work. I am glad the weather is working out....I am sick of the 50 degree temps and rain.

Last week was cool. We had a family day at my unit. And what says family like an 8 mile road march???!!! Tiff and Coop went with me...it was awesome!! Tiff totaly rocked all 8 miles! She was a trooper! We did it in about 2.5 hours. That is an EIB (expert infantry badge) 15 minute/mile pace! She is awesome. We soldier were in "full kit" ie; helmet, vest, weapon. But...we decided after 2 miles that our wives should walk...a few hundred meters in our shoes so to speak. Tiff was amazed how had it was to walk with all that stuff on! She did say she had a new appreciation for what I do. That was very sweet of her.
After the march we had a cookout. It was alot of fun to visit with the other families...and it was cool that my son got a pic behind the business end of a 50 CAL SNIPER RIFLE!

I love those pics!!! That thing is litterly twice his size!!!!
There we are>> Happy....before the march!!
As far as other stuff going on, we are going to Yakistan (yakima) in June for about 2 weeks. But we are going with our strykers...so that will be sweet! WE can finally be a medium infantry unit!! WOOHOOO!!!
My mom and Ashlynn are going to be here in July...CAN'T WAIT!!!!! And Tiff an coop are going to be out the St. Louis way while I am at Yakistan. (so...if there is anyone out there with some ticket tips...vouchers collecting dust...bla bla bla.....we could make some use of them!)

21 March 2008

"Just in case....

I need to jack some foo!" My wives exact words when she saw her new knife. It caught me off guard....it was sooo stinking funny. I love that woman.

20 March 2008


Heh...so yea. Being a member of the United States Military, my profession is not too popular with some people. Frankly, I dont care. I dont care if you disagree with the war. I dont mind if you disagree but support the troops. But, if your version of supporting the troops involves us turing tail and leaving Iraq. Shut up. If it involves you trying to "shut down" recruiting stations. Seriously? If it means that you call us mass murderers, rapists, pillagers, or any other negative term....BUZZ OFF! We dont need that kind of "support".

I will say that they are the MINORITY in this country. I can't tell you how many times I have gone through an airport in uniform and been physically stopped so they can say thanks. Heck...I have even had a man buy me a beer. (VERY cool) So I know that the vast majority of those that are actually proud to call themselves Americans do support us. And that does help. We appreciate it.

I also appreciate it when hippies are made fun of.

15 March 2008

Rough 2 weeks

Wow, it has been a rough 2 weeks. Mainly just rough on my 29 year old body. I know that I am not THAT old. But, I sure did feel like it after these last couple of weeks!

First off, we had our "Dog Soldier team Competition". That was last week. It was 3 days long, and was a bunch of combat oriented events that we competed in against other fire teams in the company. Originally I was not even going to be n the thing because I am the RTO (radio-telephone-operator) for my platoon. BUT, they needed a team leader for my squad and the chose me...so that was cool.

The first day started at 0600. a 4 mile equipment run/pull-up competition. We had to first run 4 miles in "full kit". IBA (body armor vest), MICH(helmet), weapon(M4) and camel back. We traded off the SAW (squad automatic weapon) because it can be a beast. We did pretty good in that event. Placed 4th overall. (there were 15 teams in the event(s) )

Then came pull-ups. We did not do well. I could not even do 1!!! I am 210 BEFORE I put any equipment on....add 25-35 more pounds of kit...well....it ain't easy. I weigh more WITHOUT anything on than most of these "kids" do in full kit......holding a 10 year old. (FYI...I can do about 8 pull-ups without kit....I know...still weak...but I am working on it.) Oh....we had 1 minute to rest after the race to do the pull ups. Ugh.

Next was a weapon assembly/functions check. They had 4 weapons completely disassembled and under a poncho..and when they pulled it back we had to put them together and perform a functions check as fast as we could. We really blew on that one. 10th. Then we had a test on the infantry manual. not bad.3rd. Then the commo test. We had to load a radio and put it into operation as fast as we could. 2nd baby!! Oh yea...its good sometimes being the RTO. Last event of the day was the medical skills test...not bad again. 5th.

The next day was a smoker. It started with a 6 mile ruck march with a 45 pound ruck. Still in IBA, helmet and weapon. Normally when we ruck...we don't carry the weapon or wear the other gear...but this time we did. OUCH. 6th place. We ended the ruck at a gun range. We did a close quarters marksmanship event/stress shoot. We had to soot from various positions and put 2 rounds through designated targets from 25 meters out. The stress shoot was the sameting cept we got smoked in between the shots. 5th.

That afternoon we went over to the obstacle/confidence course. I USED to like these types of things....but man...they are H A R D. Our feet were torn up, we were tired...ugh. 8th. And the end of day 2. I went home and went to bed at 7.....Why???

Because we had to be at work the next morning at 2 friggin am!!! THATS WHY! That morning we had land nave competition followed by a combatives comp. The land nave was rough. It went from 0400 to 0900. And we probably walked another 8-12 miles. 6th. Then combatives. 9th.

Ugh...it was a rough week...overall we came in 6th place. Which I was happy with. Some of it was fun...but...it hurt. I am glad we have a 4 day this weekend to recoop.

This last week we were out in the field most days. But on Thursday it was the worst. we went on a 9 mile tactical foot march......in the POURING rain. Then did some react to contact training....in the rain. I was soaked. AND...my feet that were kinda healed from the prior week....were now worse. On top of all of that...I had a monster drink blow up in my pack. bummer.

So there was my last 2 weeks of army stuff. I guess I did get to do something cool. I threw 2 LOVE hand grenades. That was sweet.

Coop and Tiff are doing well. We are looking forward to bama Richards coming to see us next week. That will be cool.

So there is an update....long...but hey...I have been busy!

03 March 2008

Me + Blog = not alot of updates

I know....I stink. I will have some stuff up soon. We are doing a "Dog Soldier Challenge" this week. Basically it will be a smoke-fest from 0630 till 1700 everyday. So....that should be fun. I will throw something up here later in the week.


07 February 2008

Fixed it!

Ok...so those of you that know me well, (I say that like more thane 4 people are actually reading this thing) you know I am not the most handy man that has had the Nevil name. There is only one other that is less handy than I. (sorry chub) But my wifes washer was broken...and it needed fixing.

I fixed it! Yes...me. I took the pump out of the thing, took it apart, removed a guitar pick ( I do NOT know how THAT got in there) and reinstalled the pump. Still didn't work. Then I inspected the hose. 5 Cents. A nickel. There it was in all its glory. UGH. Yea...definately my fault. Again.

See....this is not the first time I had made a monitary donation to the washer. The last time it was a quarter and it was making a horrible sound when it would drain. Thankfully the repair tech did not charge us for the service call.

So...I am on cloud 9 right now. So is my wife. For some reason...she loves to do laundry. Its weird. But, my lady is happy...so I am happy.


My feet

They hurt.

50 pounds + 5 miles in and hour and a half = tender tootsies!!

02 February 2008

Yakima, the second tour

On thursday at 2 am we pulled into the company area back in Ft. Lewis. 10 hours after we departed yakima. NORMALLY it takes about 3 hours. But they closed the pass due to some avalanches! Bummer. So we had to take the long way.

On the whole, we got ALOT of good training. And Alpha company 3rd platoon was head and shoulders above the rest of the battalion. We rocked the 360 degree shoothouse, and because of that got to do a "Comapany Level" mission. (it ended up being a raid on a training compound with mortars and gun trucks shooting like crazy)

We went with 2 things on our to-do list.
#1-360 degree shoothouse.
What the heck is that some of you ask? It is a building that had multiple rooms and hallways. And we were able to use live ammo. Dont worry mom, we could NOT shoot through the walls. They had a special pad that was about 6 inches thick all the way araound every room that prevented the bullets fro traveling through. We were 100% safe.

We had to clear it of all enemy, collect all information, and getout. It was sweet! The guys did a great job. There are 3 fundamentals to MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain)
-Violence of Action
They had all 3...especially the last one!! It was amazing! The team work, communication...it was all perfect! The Battallion XO (Executive Officer..Major Jennings) Said he could find nothing wrong with our live fire run. It was sweet.

The second thing we did was the MPTR course. I have no idea what it stands for...sorry. It was basically a company level mission. We had mortars "soften up" the target area, and fire support from 4 Hummvees with .50 caliber machine guns. They would supress the target and then we would go in and take it down. Again...the guys did awesome! Communicated well, and Shot (killed) every thing in sight! Now...I know some of you (mom) dont really like that, but, the intel we had said EVERYONE inside the compound (Al Queda training camp) was hostile. So, it made the decision making process alot easier.

If you have noticed I have been saying "the Guys" alot. That is because for this trip up there I was doing my job as RTO. (Radio Telephone Operator) I was the radio link between our platoon and "higher". (The company commander, mortars, the gun trucks etc..) I had to report all SITREPs (Situation Reports) to higher, casualties, call the 9 line medivac (a medical stryker came barreling in) make sure the pickup site was marked, and just keep the communications gear all working for the platoon.

It was a really cool learing experience. I got to sit in on all of the AARs. (After action reports) And that was all of the men that were watching us move, as well as the squadleaders, Platoon Leader (Lt.) and Platoon SGT. So I was in some pretty high level meetings. I was there because wherever the Lt goes....I go. I am attached to his hip 100% of the time. So I learned a TON! So when my time comes to be in leadership (which they say is comming soon) I feel that I will have the upper hand.

So...all in all good trip. Alot different than last time. We got to stay in the barracks, use the PX Shoppette, and the rec center. It was alot like a regular deployment. --Go out, do a mission, come back, clean weapons-then relax-- It was cool. We are going back in march do do another shoothouse and the urban assault course. I hope by then I have my E4 and am a team leader. We will see.

I have a few pics that I will put up on FLICKR later today.

  • L8r!

21 January 2008

Monster Truck Jam blues

Learned alot on Saturday.
#1- The city of Tacoma has some really cool stuff
#2- The train that runs down there is free
#3- The monster truck jam WILL sell out...and then double in price the next day if you didnt buy your tickets a week ahead of time
#4- It is possible to build a Millennium Falcon out of legos that is 2 feet across!

So yea..it was a bummer, but coop is still young enough not to freak out. To be honest I was more upset than he was! Tiff put up pics of our adventure with the Hewitts on the flickr site. Check it out!

This will probably be my last post till after I get back from Yakima.


19 January 2008

Back to Yak.

Next week our battalion is going back up to Yakima for Platoon Exvals. Its basically a progress test for the platoon. We will be doing to live fire shoot houses, patrols, and some raids and maybe some recon missions. It should be pretty sweet.

My current job in the platoon is RTO. I am the radio guy that is attached to the PLs (Platoon Leader..a Lieutenant) hip. Ugh. Basically I dont get to do any of the fun stuff. Like clearing the buildings....shooting. I am the link between the platoon and "Higher". (Company level leadership) It is an important role...and you don't want a moron doing it.

Its a bit of a bummer because we have not needed an RTO until now. I have always been slated to do it, but I have been a team leader for the better part of 3 months now...and have fallen in love with that job. I have been pretty successful at it too. But there is nobody to fill my role as RTO now...so that is what I am going to do. The leadership in the platoon knows that it is temporary, as do I...but the experience as team leader in Yak is priceless. I really wanted another shot.

RTO is where the Lord wants me now. That's cool. I'll be the best RTO in the company. Keep me and my guys in your prayers this next week. We will be cold...real cold. Although it looks like we will be staying in the barracks up there! WOOHOO!!! So it wont be that bad. But..it does not get above 30 during the day...so it will still be dang cold.

Also lift up Tiff. This will be the longest she will be without my help since I have joined. (That is without family around too) Coop can be a challenge when I am gone for more that 1 or 2 nights. And I am going to be out for 11.

I will probably throw up another post today or tomorrow.....We are going to MONSTER JAM!!!! (monster truck show)

15 January 2008

So cold....and not dry

So...I was in the field on thursday night. We left on wednesday at noon to go on a mission. We were to take down a house...and secure the area. It was awesome!!

As an infantry guy...I LOVE M.O.U.T. (Military operations in urban terrain) And we are in Leschi Town. It is like disney land! It is an urban training town. Yes...town. It is huge. Every kind of building you could think of is there...and there is a video camera in every room! It is really cool. A great place to train.

So..we hit the house. I took my team up stairs to clear it. I got 3 kills. It was REALLY intense. But...so fun!

After we hit the house we moved back into the woods and moved about a mile or so. at this time is was 4 in the afternoon. No rain. Kinda cold...but we were moving..no big deal.

It started raining at 4:30. And we set up our patrol base shortly there after. That is where we get in a circle....guns facing out...not talking...not moving much. You eat in shifts....pull guard in shifts...sleep in shifts. It can be rough. It was rough. I have never been colder. No kidding...it was probable the most miserable I have ever been. So there we are...25 guys...rough tough infantrymen...sucking. We were all shivering...and kinda wet.

I say kinda because we did have our gortex. It is ALOMOST water proof. Some of us were soaked. I was not...but...man...the ground I was laying on was so cold.

We lay there for 5 hours before we got up. We moved to our ambush point. We got intel that a 3 vehicle convoy was going to come our direction...sometime in the night. So we sat there, on the side of the road...hidden, ready to open fire as soon as they got into our "Kill Zone". We were ready for sure. Had our big guns set in...and all my guys were ready to shoot.

The convoy did not show until 3 am!!!! Oh yea...it was still raining and getting colder. We shot up the vehicles (with blanks) and "killed" all of the bad guys in them. Searched the vehicles for intel...weapons...and we were out. From the first shot...to our whole platoon leaving the area......12 minutes. It was very fast. And thats how ambushes should be. Very fast...VERY deadly.

We were then supposed to go back to the town to get on a Warm bus and go to a Warm home. But we took the short but LONG way home. It was the most rough terrain I have been through! A toddler would have had a rough time getting through some of the places we were goiong through....with weapons....packs....in body armor. Ugh...it was terrible!!!!!

But we made back....were wet...cold...but it did not last forever. It never does. And I am better for it. We all had to suck it up...and did. Looking back...i.t was actually kinda cool. Not too many get to do what I do.

12 January 2008

The view from the band wagon

OK....so I am on it now. I am no where near the writer my wife is. http://www.quietgardens.wordpress.com

I have no idea what this is going to be...I guess there really wont be a theme other than my life. Whats going on...what I am feeling, doing, not doing. We will see. Yes...there will be Army stuff. Hope you all enjoy it...maybe even *gasp* get something out of it! Or...maybe I will get something...we will see!