07 February 2008

Fixed it!

Ok...so those of you that know me well, (I say that like more thane 4 people are actually reading this thing) you know I am not the most handy man that has had the Nevil name. There is only one other that is less handy than I. (sorry chub) But my wifes washer was broken...and it needed fixing.

I fixed it! Yes...me. I took the pump out of the thing, took it apart, removed a guitar pick ( I do NOT know how THAT got in there) and reinstalled the pump. Still didn't work. Then I inspected the hose. 5 Cents. A nickel. There it was in all its glory. UGH. Yea...definately my fault. Again.

See....this is not the first time I had made a monitary donation to the washer. The last time it was a quarter and it was making a horrible sound when it would drain. Thankfully the repair tech did not charge us for the service call.

So...I am on cloud 9 right now. So is my wife. For some reason...she loves to do laundry. Its weird. But, my lady is happy...so I am happy.


My feet

They hurt.

50 pounds + 5 miles in and hour and a half = tender tootsies!!

02 February 2008

Yakima, the second tour

On thursday at 2 am we pulled into the company area back in Ft. Lewis. 10 hours after we departed yakima. NORMALLY it takes about 3 hours. But they closed the pass due to some avalanches! Bummer. So we had to take the long way.

On the whole, we got ALOT of good training. And Alpha company 3rd platoon was head and shoulders above the rest of the battalion. We rocked the 360 degree shoothouse, and because of that got to do a "Comapany Level" mission. (it ended up being a raid on a training compound with mortars and gun trucks shooting like crazy)

We went with 2 things on our to-do list.
#1-360 degree shoothouse.
What the heck is that some of you ask? It is a building that had multiple rooms and hallways. And we were able to use live ammo. Dont worry mom, we could NOT shoot through the walls. They had a special pad that was about 6 inches thick all the way araound every room that prevented the bullets fro traveling through. We were 100% safe.

We had to clear it of all enemy, collect all information, and getout. It was sweet! The guys did a great job. There are 3 fundamentals to MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain)
-Violence of Action
They had all 3...especially the last one!! It was amazing! The team work, communication...it was all perfect! The Battallion XO (Executive Officer..Major Jennings) Said he could find nothing wrong with our live fire run. It was sweet.

The second thing we did was the MPTR course. I have no idea what it stands for...sorry. It was basically a company level mission. We had mortars "soften up" the target area, and fire support from 4 Hummvees with .50 caliber machine guns. They would supress the target and then we would go in and take it down. Again...the guys did awesome! Communicated well, and Shot (killed) every thing in sight! Now...I know some of you (mom) dont really like that, but, the intel we had said EVERYONE inside the compound (Al Queda training camp) was hostile. So, it made the decision making process alot easier.

If you have noticed I have been saying "the Guys" alot. That is because for this trip up there I was doing my job as RTO. (Radio Telephone Operator) I was the radio link between our platoon and "higher". (The company commander, mortars, the gun trucks etc..) I had to report all SITREPs (Situation Reports) to higher, casualties, call the 9 line medivac (a medical stryker came barreling in) make sure the pickup site was marked, and just keep the communications gear all working for the platoon.

It was a really cool learing experience. I got to sit in on all of the AARs. (After action reports) And that was all of the men that were watching us move, as well as the squadleaders, Platoon Leader (Lt.) and Platoon SGT. So I was in some pretty high level meetings. I was there because wherever the Lt goes....I go. I am attached to his hip 100% of the time. So I learned a TON! So when my time comes to be in leadership (which they say is comming soon) I feel that I will have the upper hand.

So...all in all good trip. Alot different than last time. We got to stay in the barracks, use the PX Shoppette, and the rec center. It was alot like a regular deployment. --Go out, do a mission, come back, clean weapons-then relax-- It was cool. We are going back in march do do another shoothouse and the urban assault course. I hope by then I have my E4 and am a team leader. We will see.

I have a few pics that I will put up on FLICKR later today.

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