21 March 2008

"Just in case....

I need to jack some foo!" My wives exact words when she saw her new knife. It caught me off guard....it was sooo stinking funny. I love that woman.

20 March 2008


Heh...so yea. Being a member of the United States Military, my profession is not too popular with some people. Frankly, I dont care. I dont care if you disagree with the war. I dont mind if you disagree but support the troops. But, if your version of supporting the troops involves us turing tail and leaving Iraq. Shut up. If it involves you trying to "shut down" recruiting stations. Seriously? If it means that you call us mass murderers, rapists, pillagers, or any other negative term....BUZZ OFF! We dont need that kind of "support".

I will say that they are the MINORITY in this country. I can't tell you how many times I have gone through an airport in uniform and been physically stopped so they can say thanks. Heck...I have even had a man buy me a beer. (VERY cool) So I know that the vast majority of those that are actually proud to call themselves Americans do support us. And that does help. We appreciate it.

I also appreciate it when hippies are made fun of.

15 March 2008

Rough 2 weeks

Wow, it has been a rough 2 weeks. Mainly just rough on my 29 year old body. I know that I am not THAT old. But, I sure did feel like it after these last couple of weeks!

First off, we had our "Dog Soldier team Competition". That was last week. It was 3 days long, and was a bunch of combat oriented events that we competed in against other fire teams in the company. Originally I was not even going to be n the thing because I am the RTO (radio-telephone-operator) for my platoon. BUT, they needed a team leader for my squad and the chose me...so that was cool.

The first day started at 0600. a 4 mile equipment run/pull-up competition. We had to first run 4 miles in "full kit". IBA (body armor vest), MICH(helmet), weapon(M4) and camel back. We traded off the SAW (squad automatic weapon) because it can be a beast. We did pretty good in that event. Placed 4th overall. (there were 15 teams in the event(s) )

Then came pull-ups. We did not do well. I could not even do 1!!! I am 210 BEFORE I put any equipment on....add 25-35 more pounds of kit...well....it ain't easy. I weigh more WITHOUT anything on than most of these "kids" do in full kit......holding a 10 year old. (FYI...I can do about 8 pull-ups without kit....I know...still weak...but I am working on it.) Oh....we had 1 minute to rest after the race to do the pull ups. Ugh.

Next was a weapon assembly/functions check. They had 4 weapons completely disassembled and under a poncho..and when they pulled it back we had to put them together and perform a functions check as fast as we could. We really blew on that one. 10th. Then we had a test on the infantry manual. not bad.3rd. Then the commo test. We had to load a radio and put it into operation as fast as we could. 2nd baby!! Oh yea...its good sometimes being the RTO. Last event of the day was the medical skills test...not bad again. 5th.

The next day was a smoker. It started with a 6 mile ruck march with a 45 pound ruck. Still in IBA, helmet and weapon. Normally when we ruck...we don't carry the weapon or wear the other gear...but this time we did. OUCH. 6th place. We ended the ruck at a gun range. We did a close quarters marksmanship event/stress shoot. We had to soot from various positions and put 2 rounds through designated targets from 25 meters out. The stress shoot was the sameting cept we got smoked in between the shots. 5th.

That afternoon we went over to the obstacle/confidence course. I USED to like these types of things....but man...they are H A R D. Our feet were torn up, we were tired...ugh. 8th. And the end of day 2. I went home and went to bed at 7.....Why???

Because we had to be at work the next morning at 2 friggin am!!! THATS WHY! That morning we had land nave competition followed by a combatives comp. The land nave was rough. It went from 0400 to 0900. And we probably walked another 8-12 miles. 6th. Then combatives. 9th.

Ugh...it was a rough week...overall we came in 6th place. Which I was happy with. Some of it was fun...but...it hurt. I am glad we have a 4 day this weekend to recoop.

This last week we were out in the field most days. But on Thursday it was the worst. we went on a 9 mile tactical foot march......in the POURING rain. Then did some react to contact training....in the rain. I was soaked. AND...my feet that were kinda healed from the prior week....were now worse. On top of all of that...I had a monster drink blow up in my pack. bummer.

So there was my last 2 weeks of army stuff. I guess I did get to do something cool. I threw 2 LOVE hand grenades. That was sweet.

Coop and Tiff are doing well. We are looking forward to bama Richards coming to see us next week. That will be cool.

So there is an update....long...but hey...I have been busy!

03 March 2008

Me + Blog = not alot of updates

I know....I stink. I will have some stuff up soon. We are doing a "Dog Soldier Challenge" this week. Basically it will be a smoke-fest from 0630 till 1700 everyday. So....that should be fun. I will throw something up here later in the week.