01 November 2008

Voting as a Soldier this year

So...I am a soldier. I am in the infantry. I love my job. And in your job weather it be in sales....admin....wherever, you want your boss to have "been there". So he or she knows what you are going through and can give you counsel, and in some cases empathize with what is going on.

So that brings us to tuesday. Election day. This blog has been quiet in general, but, there is a video on you tube by a soldier that tells EXACTYLY how I feel about "super Tuesday". And to put my spin on election day.....

It is simple for me. This time next year I will be in Iraq. And if Mccain is in office I feel that with his EXPERIENCE in the military, and in life, I will be safer. With Obama...I will not be as safe. He concedes too much to make people happy...I feel.

So...if you want me to be safe...Vote for Mccain! (Eheheheh) No seriously, vote for who you wish...you who feel would lead you better. But, if you wonder why a soldier is voting the way he is...that is why...and the video below also give some insight.