17 February 2009

Got official word...

We are going to Afghanistan this summer. Like I said on my facebook page...

Then taliban are gonna have a rough year.

08 February 2009

What a week

So this was a weird week.

It started with a wedding and a birth. And has ended with a death.

Yea. The last one is a little morbid...but that is where I will start.

This morning I talked to my Dad and my grandma passed away. She died earlier this morning in Texas after a battle with cancer that was pretty much over when we found out the cancer was there. She told the nurse just before letting go that she was ready to go home. So she is there now...with my grandpa (Nevil...my dads parents) and is not hurting or sick anymore.

Please keep my dad and aunt and uncles and my grandmas husband Lionel in your prayers. (She and Lionel have been married for the last 10 or so years. He told her that she should be buried next to Grandpa and when she sees him to thank him for letting her spend a few years with him.) That was really sweet. She was a barrel of laughs and even though we fell out of touch over the last few years. I will still miss her smile...and laugh. She was one of the sweetest hug-you-on-first-sight women you will ever meet. She will be missed.

On Monday of this week, we were honored to be the official witnesses for Scott and Krista Tillman's wedding. It was a small ceremony with a justice of the peace in Olympia, but it was not the sterile "civic" ceremony that we all expected. It was really nice, and the words that the judge said actually got everyone a little emotional! It was a great night, and we will always cherish the honor! Thanks guys!

The next MORNING at 2 am Tiffs water broke after 2 hours of contractions! HA! and after a very "Hollywood" (screaming and fast driving) trip to the hospital... Chase Evan was PUSHED out by 5:14 that morning. Au natural might I add! My wife is a stud! She has put up pics on our flickr site and you should go and see our expanded family! he is super cute!

I know that was short...but, tiffs blog also has everything in print for you to read...and she is a MUCH better writer!