29 June 2009

Beer Review #5

Name:Shiner Romanian Black Lager
Temp:Same as the other 4
Vehicle:Frozen Pint Glass

Ok...its official, I have a thing for Porters! Dunno what it is...but they are so friggin good! LOVE THEM!!! I did notice something with this beer, that I can say about the other porters but not of the traditional beers. They are almost better a little warmer than Ice Ice cold. (for those of you that are like me that are now 2/3 of the way through ICE ICE BABY in your head...rock on!) It was a strange find to me. Finnaly I dont feel like I have to slam a beer so it wont taste like warm urine! WOOT.

This stuff is awesome! Love it! Smooth finish, great taste (see the other porter review) If yo like porters or are looking to get into them....go here!!! Plus the bottle looks cool!

Beer Review #4

Name:Mandarin Hefeweisen
Temp:Back of the fridge cold
Vehicle:Frozen Pint Glass

For me Hefe's have been hit and miss...almost 50/50. This one was good. It had some type of chinese beer influences (So sayith the label). It was good, stronger than the other to lighter beers in the previous posts. But good. Not my fav. 6/10. I think the saving grace was the hint of citrus. If not for that...just kinda of a blah beer.

Beer review #3

Name:Blue Star
Temp:Back of the fridge cold
Vehicle:Ice cold pint glass

A little different than the Honey beer in the previous post. It is an unfiltered wheat ale. AND IT WAS GREAT! Of the 3 lighter colored beers I have had so far...this was my fav! Smooth taste. Had a GREAT after taste. Kinda like some of the porters I have it has a great finish! Again, if you are like I was a few short years ago...another great beer to start to expand your horizons on!

Beer Review #2

Name:Oregon Honey Beer
Temp:Back of the fridge cold
Vehicle:Frozen pint glass

The first of some of the lighter colored beers I have. It was very sweet, refreshing... tasted great! Not too weak...but this was no IPA or some other bitter beer. Very smooth, easy to drink. A good Beer for the first timer going out on a limb away from the Budweiser tree.

23 June 2009

Beer Review #1

About 8 years ago I enjoyed my first beer. Yes...it was almost that long ago. I was with some friends from work (Kevin and Mark) and it was so cold...so GOOD! I am NO lush, but I enjoy the taste of a brewski!

My brother can attest to the fact that my palate was limited. I would never go past a Bud-Select for the longest time...no matter how hard he tried.

But over the last year or so...I have broadened my beer horizons. Thus I will be giving my review (although I dont have alot of knowledge on beer...I just know what tastes good to me) on some brews that were recently purchased that I have not either tried before...or have limited time drinking.

So this is for us Beer retards that are not educated on the
brews...but like the taste. So this will be in layman's terms to say the least.

But before I begin...here is what I like to drink.
Blue Moon
Pyramid line of beers
The Michelob line of Micro-Brews
Stuff at the Ram or The Rock restaurants
Henry Weinhards
Shiner Bach
Black Butte Porter
Other stuff like Blue Moon

Ok, so on to my first review..

Name: Henry Weinhard's Classic Dark
Temp:Back of the fridge cold!
Vehicle: Pint Glass

First impression was a DARK beer. It was NOT see through. Poured into the glass...no head (because of the pour)
First taste....SMOOTH! Oh so smooth. Nice taste...not bitter...did I mention how smooth it was? Not really a coffee taste...kinda "woody" if that makes any sense... My wife thought it was amazing! If you are skeptical about dark beers...let this be your first! VERY GOOD!!

So this was the first of at least 6 that I will do over the next week or so...maybe sooner depending on how "hard" my day was. HA!

So...if you are a NOVICE beer connoisseur like I am...I hope this helps!