10 November 2010

New meaning for Veteran's day this year..

So tomorrow is Veteran's day, AND my 32ndIknowIdontlookit birthday. Those days have ALWAYS been one in the same. It has been kinda cool growing up ALWAYS having my birthday off from school. We have been to a few parades on those days, and I have always loved the military, and held Vets in very high esteem. I felt, and still feel, very special on my birthday because I share the day with a group of VERY special people.

But this year is a little different, and will be from this point on. Now I am the Veteran. Whoa. When I think of Vets I think of guys with the cool hats with all the pins and buttons, sitting at a VFW sipping on bad beer and trading war stories and showing scars. Not me. I am only 32...I have a wife and a kiddo in diapers...but now I can check the box on job applications that says "Veteran." Weird.

But as I wrap my head around it...it does sink in. I have served for only 4 years, was gone for 1 of them in Afghanistan. I saw my share of fighting...I have some stories...and I am here to talk about it. There are those that were not as fortunate as me. They are either having a tough time coping, or they are no longer with us. I have lost friends, and that is something that I will always carry with me. I have seen what losing a husband/father/brother will do to the family...and that will stay with me. I thank the Lord that I have Him to lean on..and carry me through the times that are a little rough. He did so for a year, and I know he will be there in the ones to come.

So, tomorrow, if you see a Vet, are related to one or know one. Its ok to say thanks. (I am not fishing for thank you's.. ) We do appreciate it...and sometimes don't know how to respond, but it always makes us feel good...heck...buy em lunch..or a beer... :)

So...I will end by saying my 4 years in the Army has been tough, amazing, growing, and humbling. I will never regret it.