12 August 2008

Learned this in arabic....

So, Hassam is one of my teachers in Arabic. He is from Iraq, and used to work with the Army over there as a translator. Before the war he was a human rights activist and had at least 6 attempts on his life. He told us something in class I NEVER knew.

2 months before the war...Saddam knew we were going to come in. Just knew it. So...he let ALL of the prisoners out of jail. All of them(150,000). Murderers, thieves, you name it...they went back on the streets. And wouldn't you know it....all of the buildings that housed the records for said criminals were destroyed by "looting" during the early days of the war.


Hassam was also saying that before, if you killed someone, or stole a car etc, that the local militias would deal with you in the manner they sought fit. But...with so many of those militias now fighting americans....and other sects...those that LOVED commiting those acts had someplace to go. Becuase there...they could kill, steal, etc...but this time it was in the name of God. So that made it ok.

Did any of you hear about that on the news? I don't remember it. I bet we were not counting on those extra 150,000 running loose on the streets when we went in. If we were...I think the timetable would have looked a bit differently.

Can't wait to do with C....

So...the other day I was doing something with Coop...and I had a thought. Man...I can't wait till he is old enough to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes...I know...its weird. But, just to hear him ask questions...see the look in his eye as Aragorn takes up his sword and his rightful place. The wonder that is involved.

But, thats not all. I also want to see the look in his eyes when he catches his first fish on his own. Or hits a baseball into the outfield. Throws a spiral. Makes a basket.

Do you all know what I mean? I know that my parents read this from time to time...and they may remember some of that stuff with us kids. (And if they dont thats ok) So...here is a list (some silly of course) of what I am looking forward seeing him do... (and I will just stick with C now...I will write about the other kiddo when he/she comes to see us)
-Driving a car
-hitting a golf ball (uncle chub will help with this one)
-first date
-a sunrise
-getting a good grade in school
-looking at his wife
-looking at his child
-graduating college
-reading to us
-riding a bike
-pulling a 720 front-side flair tail whip on said bike in the X-games (lol....that would be sweet though)
-getting his first puppy
-learning to tie his shoes.....

So there are a few things...what about your son or daughter? What are some things that you look forward to??

08 August 2008

Arabic- Doughnuts- T-shirts

Week one is done! UGH! Yep, I have finished my first week of Arabic language training. Yes, that sounds VERY military, but, that's what they call it. On the outside...it is a university level Arabic class, that when we are done at the end of 10 months, we will know more and be more fluent than that of a student taking 2 years at a university. Wow...we'll see.

It is H A R D ! Not easy. We have been taught the alphabet this week. Notice I said taught...not "we learned." I still am not super comfortable with the whole thing yet. I am better than on Monday, but...its rough.

So...just to let you know what I am dealing with. Arabic has 28 letters in the alphabet. They can EACH be written 4 different ways depending on where they are in a word. AND depending on what "modifying" character they have over the top...they can have 4 different sounds too!!!! HA! (it makes you want to suck start a shotgun)

Yea...so we have a limited vocabulary right now....they taught us about 20 words/phrases. Yep....I said taught.

We have 10 months of this. They will be going super in depth on the language, culture and HOW to translate. The nice part is they are really gearing all of this to how it will co-inside with Army operations. And as a "shooter", it is very imperative to my job to be able to communicate the the locals. In the end...it could save lives, mine, my buddies, or guys in another unit that I don't even know about. That part is pretty cool. And when you put that kind of spin on it, it makes studying a little easier.

So...it has been rough, but there are some up sides to this whole thing.
A-off every day at 4:30
B-NO FIELD PROBLEMS FOR THE NEXT 10 MONTHS! Nope...I will NEVER be away from the fam doing Army stuff for the next 10 months.
C-Will be home for sure for the next baby!
D-off every day at 4:30

So..there ya go for my update....on army stuff...

Coop woke Tiff and I up this morning. He came in and said he needed to go potty. When he was done he comes in and says "Hi daddy! Are you awake?" Yes I am bud. "How did you sweep?" Like a rock man! "Cool.....I swept wike a doughnut!" LOL...so stinking funny!!

Tiff is doing well with the new kiddo. At the awkward none of my cloths fit stage...but....shes hot.(not like temperature hot)

I love t-shirts....I found a site that is awesome...check this out.