03 November 2009

Bullet points about a deployment

-Afghanistan smells like a curry covered turd most of the time
-most explosions don’t involve a fire ball-the movies have it all wrong
-When RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) are shot…they are hard to track. Again…the movies got it wrong.
-Pictures mean the world to you
-Music keeps you sane
-The Lord will show up both during, and immediately after a firefight to let you know that He is -there and you will be OK.
-The sound of helicopter rotor blades is music to the ears
-Hearing your son on the phone makes your day
-Hearing your wife smile over the phone gets you through
-Web cams are the best invention ever.
-Afghan bread is AMAZING
-Getting boxes is like Christmas
-Being here makes you realize there is so much about life that you had taken for granted. And you will not do that ever again.
-AK47 gunfire is VERY distinctive…and it makes you angry.
-My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world…no really Im not just saying that…I have been over here….she is. BY FAR!
-War brings out the best…and worst in people.
-Changing a tire on a stryker is NOT fun