25 October 2009

Update from "THE STAN"!!!!

So, I am really not good at updating this blog. Not at all…never have been. But I hope the “I have been in Afghanistan for the better part of 4 months” excuse will fly. LOL. So, as I sit in my room….most of you all are fast asleep, I felt that I need to write. (by felt…I mean my wife suggested I update my blog….but I really was planning on it myself….really..I was!)
Lots of people ask how I am doing. And I always say OK. But really, that is the best way to describe me. I am ok. Some days…I am really good, others, its really hard. I will say, there are more good than bad. But the bad…is REALLY bad. Weather we have lost someone…or I am really homesick missing my bride and my boys…the hard is really hard, and seems to outweigh the good. But like I said…there is more good than bad. So..that is what I mean by ok. Its 70/30.
What I will say, the Lord is here. Wow. He shows himself to me EVERY DAY! At night…it’s the milky way. During the day, it could be a cool breeze, or the smile from an Afghan child that reminds me of home, or the pictures on my wall. He is also here in the worship services and bible studies that I am involved with. I am not in the island that I thought I would be here. There are other very strong believers here. It is AWESOME! The Lord knew this would be an encouragement to me…as well as to others to know that we are not alone. Praise Him!

I have been playing guitar and leading worship every time I am here when we get together. Sometimes I am on mission but can not make it…and that is a bummer, but I still have my Zune…so I have my own little worship service if I am able. We have a Sunday morning service, and on Sunday evenings we have a bible study and we are currently going through Ephesians. On Tuesdays we have another bible study, most of the time I am out during that one. Thursdays are a praise and worship night with a lot of prayer. We are usually together for at least an hour and a half. It is such a blessing for the heart! I feel charged up every time I go, it really is something to look forward to.

The last 3 months have been hard. This is the closest I have had to deal with death, and destruction. It is not fun. There is nothing glorious about it. War truly is hell. It has made me really appreciate all that I had taken for granted back at home. But like I said, the Lord is here and He alone is sustaining me. Thank you for your prayers, they are felt, and I know that is why I have the peace in my heart that I do.

I am really looking forward to December, I will be going on leave then, and CAN NOT WAIT to see Tiff and the boys. Please pray that I am there for Christmas day and that my travels go well. (and that time comes to a STOP while I am there) I look forward to phone calls and webcamming!

BOXES. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU a thousand times. They make my day! Really, each time I get a box, its like Christmas! (BTW…Kelli and Lee…the dave glover CD, Are you kidding?? YOU ARE AMAZING!) I have been able to spread the love and generosity around my platoon. Some give me a hard time for how much I get…until they need shampoo, soap, a brownie (miss krosley…amazing), or something else. Really, the inside of my CHU looks like the PX!
Now that I can do this…I will try to update more. (yea…I will try. Mom…stop rolling your eyes.) This one really has no theme other than a shotgun blast update…and unfortunately…my stories may have to wait till we all see each other in person. But..we will see.

Again, thank you all for your support, prayers, boxes, and love. All are needed and felt. You all truly show what it means to love.
Tiff-you’re beautiful.