11 September 2008

Yes, it really was the day that changed everything

7 years ago I woke up to go to work like any other morning. I remember my alarm going off at around 8..maybe a little before. It was on a country music station...but they were not playing Chesney...or Keith. It was a news brief....

I hit snooze.

Then it went off again. And I wondered what was going on. I went upstairs and turned the TV in my moms room on. I could not believe the pictures that I was seeing. I called my new fiance (Tiffany) and she was watching the same thing. We sat there talking about the ONE tower that had been hit. Then the other was hit. We were shocked. She went to school later that day...I went to work. But not before I watched 2000+ people die on TV. I audibly yelled NO when the towers fell. I knew that life would never be the same.

At the sprint store that day we played the news all day. We did not do much. Some people came it...and they were glued to the TV. Some wept right there in the store. I think that was how people were on the day pearl harbor was attacked.

That was the day that I feel the Lord put me on the path that leads me to where my family is today. I raised my right hand and enlisted in the Army infantry almost 5 years to the day later. I joined because I know that I have what it takes to lead men and bring them home. I feel that God has given me that gift. I needed to serve. To try to make a difference.

So here we are...almost 2 years later....and we feel that we have never been more in a right place than we are right now.

I dont know if I will jump into this fight yet...we will know soon. I do know that I am ready. I thank all of your for your support of me and my family during this time...and we appreciate all of your continuing prayers.