03 July 2009

Is it bad?

So I was inspired by my good friend to do an is it bad post...

Is it bad that I think the 10 second rule can apply to 90% of the places you go for anyone?

Is it bad that I think the TV is a perfectly fine substitute for parental supervision at times?

Is it bad that not everyone will get that because they might not know me that well?

Is it bad that when we are driving around...walking places...going to the mall, that I am looking for spots we COULD be ambushed...or get ambushed....sizing EVERYONE up to see who could pose a "problem" if something awful came up.

Kinda like above...
Is it bad that I have a thing about standing/congregating in doorways? (at work we call them the fatal funnel) And I have to know and will look for all exits when we are out anywhere...ya know...just in case.

Is it bad that if you are a police officer I feel it is your duty to carry your weapon concealed to church?

Is it bad that my thoughts are like those above?

Is it bad that I want my boys to be tender, caring, strong young men of God who are fiercely devoted to their family, that are well loved by others, but those that may not like or love them, know that if they dis-honor their mother, sister (if they have one) or are just mean to others around them...that those people will have a "bad day"?

Is it bad that I think video games are a true hobby?

Is it bad that I really think I could go toe to toe with a cougar and win......seriously.

Is it bad that I feel I should be able to open hand...or back of the hand (you all know what that is) smack, the Jonas brothers, Perez Hilton, most of the cast of high school musical, The pres of Iran, and the entire congregation at the West Boro Baptist church?

OK...there ya go...
What are yours?