16 May 2008

I know...I am awful at this. I knew I would be. But...Tiff does alot on her blog...so sometimes I just feel too much info would be overkill. So...I let her put it out. But, I have been too lazy and need to post here.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. It was a much better experience than I thought it would be. I was really..REALLY nervous about going under all the way. But...man...what a way to fly!!! It was cool. Everything in the surgurey went well. They did get into my sinus cavity a bit...but that is not a big deal. Right now I am swollen a bit...and am on some SA-WEET meds!

***Note*** When leaving the hospital and are still a little doped up....that is the ONLY time it makes hugging your nurse ok.

So...I am now enjoying the weather here...and a few days off work. I am glad the weather is working out....I am sick of the 50 degree temps and rain.

Last week was cool. We had a family day at my unit. And what says family like an 8 mile road march???!!! Tiff and Coop went with me...it was awesome!! Tiff totaly rocked all 8 miles! She was a trooper! We did it in about 2.5 hours. That is an EIB (expert infantry badge) 15 minute/mile pace! She is awesome. We soldier were in "full kit" ie; helmet, vest, weapon. But...we decided after 2 miles that our wives should walk...a few hundred meters in our shoes so to speak. Tiff was amazed how had it was to walk with all that stuff on! She did say she had a new appreciation for what I do. That was very sweet of her.
After the march we had a cookout. It was alot of fun to visit with the other families...and it was cool that my son got a pic behind the business end of a 50 CAL SNIPER RIFLE!

I love those pics!!! That thing is litterly twice his size!!!!
There we are>> Happy....before the march!!
As far as other stuff going on, we are going to Yakistan (yakima) in June for about 2 weeks. But we are going with our strykers...so that will be sweet! WE can finally be a medium infantry unit!! WOOHOOO!!!
My mom and Ashlynn are going to be here in July...CAN'T WAIT!!!!! And Tiff an coop are going to be out the St. Louis way while I am at Yakistan. (so...if there is anyone out there with some ticket tips...vouchers collecting dust...bla bla bla.....we could make some use of them!)