24 December 2009


Home sweet home. I know a lot of you that read this have seen the videos of me coming home and some of the photos on Tiffs facebook page. So...I wont have a lot of that stuff on here. Just an FYI.

But I will tell you that other than 1-Getting married to Tiffany 2-Having my kiddos- This has been the best experience of my life. Being separated from them for so long, and then reunited is a feeling that I really can not even put to words. I wanted to explode....scream....run around....cry.....just such a mix! It was so awesome. To see Coop and have him run to me yelling DADDY!...wow.

And Chase (Chaz....Chasey-bud...) He has gotten so big. He really did not know what to think about me at first, but after a few hours...he knew that this was not "web cam or picture" daddy. It was the real thing. And we have had a blast re-connecting over the last 2 weeks. HE IS SO FRIGGIN CUTE!

Then there is my best friend. To see her beautiful eyes looking back at me...her amazing smile, and to smell her hair....ah.. it was perfect. (And not to mention we were not together for more than 3 hours before I heard the most amazing laugh in the wide world!) To hold her hand and to taste her sweet kiss again, time stopped. She is so amazing. And I knew this all along, but there is something about being away for so long that makes you realize how much you take for granted. And I appreciate and cherish her so much, and coming back just made all of that come to the surface. It was almost too much....almost.

Our time here has been great together. Lots of laughs. And even more love. Cooper has been attached to my hip the whole time. Chase loves to cuddle, and I get to see my Tifi be her amazing super mom self........which brings me to my next point..

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW SHE EVER LEAVES THE HOUSE!!!!! I am not even kidding. I don't know how she has the time or anything else to keep this house the way she likes it let alone herself! She is amazing. I know that I am at times dodging bullets and IEDs....but she has a MUCH harder job!

We have done lots....shopping for Christmas gifts....celebrating our favorite season...eating out ( LOVE BJs and the Original pancake house)... Just hanging as a fam... its been great. And Weird.

When I first got here that is what I told Tiff one of our first nights together. I said that it was so odd that I was just in a combat zone a week before. (I had about 3 days leading up to my leave "off" and not on missions) And then I was cuddling on the couch with my wife. To go from one extreme to the other was just something that I have never experienced before. I mean, soldiers in WW2 did not get this. They went to Paris...but they were still there with other soldiers. I am with my family...far removed from all things war. Its good....just weird.

But...our time is drawing to a close. The Lord answered a prayer of ours and time did not fly. I am a little excited to get back..because every day I am there...is a day close to being DONE! And the next time I come back...I wont GO back. But we have enjoyed our time together, and thank you to everyone who has helped.

And a special thank you to our parents. Especially mine. I am sure that it was the hardest thing you have ever done in not coming out here. I know it would be if Coop or Chaz were in my shoes and I in yours. Thank you. It means the world the sacrifice you made. I love you.

Be on the look out if you are on "The List" for some updates...

Thanks for your prayers and support in all of this. I cant wait to say all of that in person.