13 January 2009

How the heck????

So my son just came out of the bathroom after saying he had to go pee. And he went. And somehow...he got pee all over the front of his shirt! Seriously! It was alot...and a straight line up!
I know the physics behind the issue...I have the same plumbing. I do think its funny!

Mom, did I do stuff like this?

05 January 2009


Everyone knows about the fighting that is going on over in Israel. Hamas has been shooting rockets to just..well..inflict damage on they-don't-care-who, and Israel has had enough. I will be honest...I can't go back dozens of years in my head to see why Hamas would do all of this. But...Israel was made a nation. And ANY nation has the right and duty to protect itself and its people.

So...what do you think? Is Israel going too far? What would be the solution?

My 2 cents.

You are dealing with terrorists. They are organized. But they are terrorists that hide among civilians. They are the SCUM of the earth. They understand one thing. Death. They have no problem dishing it out. But when the pendulum of violence swings the other direction...usually with enough force to HOPEFULLY break the will of the other to fight...everyone freaks out. Collateral damage is awful. Children and women dieing is awful. But I fully believe that the Israeli army is not INTENTIONALLY targeting civilians! But...they are trying to be as precise as humanly possible. But...they bad guys are in the middle of them...and they are there on purpose. They can not stand and fight. So they hid behind women and children, and waive their fists when one of them is unfortunately hit.

Does that make sense. It is a little different for me now that I am on a different side of the line. I can see where Israel is coming from. And I bet it is very hard to be on the ground over there. I do pray that this can be resolved quickly. But I also pray that terrorists will be wiped from the face of the earth. All of them. But...I have a feeling I will not see that on this side of heaven.

What are your thoughts?

03 January 2009

What goes up...gets on Dad

Well, I am back on here. My family and I just got back from a visit to Saint Louis and it was a great trip! It is home. It really is. As soon as the wheels hit the ground...we just felt it. Thanks to all of those that made the trip AMAZING!

It was amazing...and by amazing I mean...fun, tiring, restful..(kinda) and a good time to catch up.

The first day in town I had a little date with my nieces. It was a blast! That night we had a guys night and got together with a few friends. We talked...had some AMAZING beer (thanks Chubs) and had a great time.

Christmas eve was great. We went to church with my mom and I was in my Class "A" uniform. (Fancy green suit). It was fun to see alot of old friends. But...we went to STL with a boy that had a manageable cold. But on Christmas eve...it took a turn for the worst.

He woke up from his nap before we left with a fever around 102. But...we went anyway. He was UBER lethargic..but we gave him some meds and after the service he was back to normal. At about 3:15 Christmas morning I was in his room...laying next to him comforting him as he was upset. Didn't know why...but I was enjoying some cuddle time with my boy.

Till he started puking.

Yep...that poor boy wretched everything he ate that day all over his bed. Twice. THEN I took him to the bathroom....and he did it again.

He got a bath. We put the sheets in the washer...and I cleaned up the chunks.

Back to bed at 4. I was with him...to comfort him...he was really scared. We fell asleep. Heads together....on our backs looking at the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. At 4:30 he said..looking up, almost cheek to cheek with daddy..."Daddy...my froat hur..:dfjaue;n dfsadfkjshdlkfjh;dfa<>:{)(*"}{|:>?:>?^@#(^%*@$*@#^*&!!!!!!!!!!!" Yep...puked again...this time looking straight up....CHEEK TO FRIGGIN CHEEK with dad. And what goes up....comes down in your sons face and the "back blast" gets all over yours. And then your poor little boy sits up and looks at you like he just came out of a pool he was so soaked. WITH chunks in his eye lashes. GROSSSS!!!

He got another bath...we took the previous sheets out of the dryer...and put those on the bed. UGH...it was rough.

The poor kid was not himself until the last 3 days of our trip. It was a bummer. But other than that...it was fun!