24 January 2010

Here and there

I can't lie....this one just might be all over the place.

Where do I start? I have moved to a new FOB home when I got back from leave. It is better...and worse. There are more good things than bad....like the internet in my tent, and the food. But the bad stinks. Literally. The bathroom situation is not ideal. Nor the laundry. And by the time those get fixed...I bet we will be leaving...or gone...so whatever.

I really do like the internet in the tent. It rocks. Yea, we pay for it, but you really cant beat the convenience.

New topic.

My oldest. Man, he is having it pretty rough right now. He is not listening to momma, questions EVERYTHING she tells him, flat out disobeys....ugh...the boy is pushing her to the edge. I know that part of it is his age, and hes just being a boy, but, I can't help but think, that part is because I am not there. And it kills me. Tiff tells me that its ok, but I feel awful. I can't help my best friend parent, and just be there for her. Of the entire deployment, this has been the hardest part thus far. I swear being in a firefight is easier than this. Please lift my family in prayer with me, especially my sweet Tifi.

New topic.

This thing is winding DOWN time wise. Less left than we have been! WOOHOO! But that brings up another point...we are almost done with the army! At this time next year we will either be done...or just a few short weeks from being done! C R A Z Y ! ! It all has gone by so fast. And that raises some other fun questions.
Where am I gonna work?
Where are we going to live?
Tiff has some applications to a few different police departments. That is something that I will definitely pursue. But I am not going in with tunnel vision. If there is something out there that will provide for my family...I'm all over it. We will be praying about this, I ask you all to do the same please. This will be the 2nd biggest transition we have made...and it could be a little stressful. (Right now Tiff is thinking..."A LITTLE?" hehe) So, late in the summer some of you that read this could hear something from me asking if you know of any open positions in your or other companies!! LOL...yeah networking.

I also plan on going back to school on top of all this too! HA! Yep. I would love to start fall of 2011, but we will have to see where we are job wise and stuff...even if its online...I am going to get that degree! I mean...the army is gonna pay for it! Why not right? I didn't do these last 4 year for nothin!

New Topic.

Dad...seriously...you dont even drive the mustang.

New topic.

To my dear friends in seattle. You will be missed more than you know. I know I talk alot about going back home. But we will be leaving a huge chunk of us there. You all mean the world to Tiff and I, and I shutter to think of what life would have been like there without you all. We love you from the bottom of our hearts!

K....that is all for now.

I love you Mrs. Nevil!


jimmah said...

yes... the downhill side of the mountain!
i know that it won't be easy... but know that you are being prayed for back here in STL.

FYI, we might be secretly praying that you guys come back here though.

jeremy nevil said...

well...unless something wild happens. we will be back. that is the plan anyway

Momma M said...

Loved it...."Dad, seriously, you don't even drive the mustang!"

We've started praying over all the other, also.

Little man will be fine, somehow boys (and girls) just have to go through these "testing" stages! Not that You ever did that!!!

Crystal said...

We love you and are so glad June isn't as far away now. We pray for you guys everyday!