05 January 2010

There's no place like a new home.....There's no place like a new home...

Hello from FOB Ramrod! Yep. Ram. Rod.

We are now down here, and let me tell ya...its pretty sweet. WIFI internet, good chow, my own room! (and by room I mean cubicle...in a tent, but we could be in CHUs in a month or two...we will see) It is really cool actually.

So there is not much to say. But, man...I had a PERFECT time on R&R.

I was really worried that war had changed me. I mean, I have had nothing to compare myself to other than the guys I work with, and that was a fear of mine when I left. That war would change my heart...make it hard. But, it didn't. The Lord has looked after this husbands/daddys/sons/brothers heart and it is well. Very well.

We all had a blast together. It was like I had never left. And that is when I noticed it. That the Lord was taking care of my family...perfectly. They get what they need, when they need it, just like I do over here. I have seen the Lord soo much over here, and to see that He has taken care of the people I love the most, puts my heart at ease. He is such a sweet father, and takes care of His children better than they know how themselves.

The highlight of my journey back, was my bride. She is my best friend. My buddy, my world. To be with her reminded me that I am human...not some soldier robot...that I am loved, more than I know. To see her smile, hear that AMAZING laugh, made my leave. To see her be the awesome mom she is with the boys, and be with the hottest wife on earth, ugh...I am running out of words. (BTW...I dont suggest this, maybe on a lesser scale. But 6 months away from the fam does AMAZING things for your marriage. You learn alot, and well...there are other...awesome....uh...yea.) Anyway, to say that she was the best part of this whole thing would be and understatement.

I Love you Mrs. Nevil!

So, I am at a new place, with alot more access to the interweb...so...hopefully we can all talk more. I plan (yep plan...) to update this more..but we will see. If you stop by...COMMENT...I love to hear what people say...



Jeremy said...

Hi, I'm in an Army route clearance company, we're expecting to be in country in about 3 weeks or so. The latest rumor has us going to Ramrod...can you tell me more about the fob? Gym, chow, Internet availability, rough size, mwr facilities, tents/CHUs, showers, laundry, mail, etc?
SSG Jeremy Holler
1037 RCC
richard.j.holler (AKO email)

Anonymous said...


Peter and Abby said...

Ooooo, I've never been to YOUR blog before! Hello. Ok, I just saw the party in the USA video on your wifey's blog. Please do a video!!! It would be so great!

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