21 April 2010

Looking down the mountain to the other side

Yep. I update this thing about every three months. Not what I wanted to do...but, oh well.

We are back at Frontenac. And I have to say, I love it here. There is a fellowship of believers here that is just amazing! The Lord knew what He was doing when all of us came here. It is awesome. I have been able to get back into leading worship, it has done wonders for this soldiers heart.

Stuff has been pretty low key here. Not alot going on. That is also nice. Being on the extreme down side of the deployment, none of us really want anything to happen. LETS JUST GET HOME ALREADY!

This thing is getting pretty old. You can tell by looking at some of us. We just want to be done. We just want to go home and be with our families. I know I do!

Right now, Tiff and the boys are in Saint Louis. To say that I am jealous would be an understatement. Seeing family, our cherished friends, and the food...ugh...I wish I were there! They are having fun, the boys are enjoying cousin time, and Tiff is reconnecting with old friends. Not to mention there are some grandmas and grandpas that get to see their grandsons! Stuff is going well there.

The question tiff and I have fielded alot from you all in the Lou is...

Are you coming back?

The simple answer.


The next question is- What are you going to do?
The next answer is- We dunno.

So...here's the deal with that. We are praying for 2 things.
1-that we know when and where our next paycheck will come from BEFORE we leave Washington
2-that we have an address to have our stuff sent to BEFORE we leave Washington

I will be putting apps in at a few police agencies there in the saint Louis area. Other than that, we will be counting on our friends and family to help us network so I can find something to do. Ideally we would still like tiff to stay at home. That is our goal. As far as work for me...well...if you know me, you know what I can do, and if not...just ask!

As far as a place to live..we are fully prepared to rent until we are well-enough established to purchase a home again. So no big deal there. If you know of anything..Let us know! :)

We are excited...and nervous about the changes coming up. I am more excited...and my head-not-always-in-the-clouds bride is a little more nervous. And that is OK...we balance each other out.

We ask for your prayer in all of those things, as well as for our boys as we transition. Cooper will be starting Kindergarten ....wow...in the fall of 11....so we have some big stuff ahead of us.

Thank you all for your support in all of this!

-on the downhill


jimmah said...

i am a big fan of this post!!
alisha had such a great time with tiff yesterday... it always makes her so happy to share time like that with her.
all i can say is that God will help determine everything, just get back to the states and i know that things will become abundantly clear in no time.
in the meantime, we are happy to do any leg work you need!! just be safe!

T~ said...

Praying God continues to refresh your heart in new ways each day and that you continue to stay safe! We miss you and are counting down the days to see you again!